Cats are best antidepresent ever known to me . Are u depressed ? hell yes ? who so ever is not get a cat no matter its persain semi puunched fully punched or awildo try it. Have a good day people.

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okay 2014 ended leaving behind so many question marks blank sheets to b answered im not kind of answering thoes question but adding more question marks may be these question marks have the answer for the one who keep CS ( i shall define this at the end :p) so lets begin im part of such society where the green light does not mean to go its means stop here .where when i lie use wrong means thats fine but when i hold courage move n say the truth what i get? i receive marks over my face ( dose not mean any physical torture ) my task goes un done for a right work deed i use wrong means why so ? when I am not performing an en ethical act or getting involved in kinda of crime why they stop me ? why i am forced to use wrong means ? is there any one who can answer ? going out with your finds only to find happiness ? to rejoice i have to lie always why? that CS stood for common sense. Have a good day people.